Sell Your House Fast in Omaha, NE. How it works. Harter Investments. 402-939-6556

Sell Your House Fast in Omaha, NE. How it works. Harter Investments. 402-939-6556
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Hello everyone. I am making this video today because we get a lot of questions regarding how Harter Investments works in buying houses fast in Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and the surrounding area. We are a direct local cash home buyer in Omaha and Council Bluffs area. We’re kind of unique in the fact that we aren’t a real estate agency, if you need to sell your house fast in Omaha or Council Bluffs we can buy your house fast for cash, and we get a lot of questions regarding how that process works, a lot of emails, a lot of phone calls. So I thought I’d just make this quick video, give you a brief overview of how it works with the bigger questions, and then if you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me anytime that you would have a question and I’d be more than happy to visit with you and let you know how the process works.

So we are a local direct cash home buyer in Omaha, Nebraska, Council Bluffs, Iowa, as well as the surrounding areas. We will buy your house for cash, as is, with no contingencies. So a lot of times people that are in distress and need to sell their house fast usually are in unique situations and need cash fast. So we’re not for everybody, but we could possibly be for you, or maybe sometime in the future when you get in a certain situation that you need to sell your house fast. So some of the types of people we work with may be facing any of a number of unique situations like going through a divorce where they need to sell their house fast in Omaha and need the cash. If you’re in foreclosure and need to get out of that house, we can work with you on that. If you’re moving, upside down on a mortgage, you have liens on it in your house and you need to sell your house, we can work with you and help you out there. Any unwanted inherited property, if you have a house through probate or a house through a will, a lot of those houses need to have some money put into them before they can be resold.

We can schedule a time to look at the house and work with you to come up with a price, if we can agree on a fair price, we can write you a check and you can walk away, don’t have to do anything with that house, as long as the house has good title. So rental property, sometimes people get tired of renting. Well, we’re more than happy to take that house over for you if you just want to get out fast and not worry about having to make repairs on the rental before you sell it. It you’re behind on payments, downsized, can’t sell, your house needs repairs before you can sell it and you don’t have the means or way to get that done. So those are some of the types of buyers that we work with and have been very successful with.

And the reason we are successful is that when you’re working with us, it’s going to be full transparency. We’re going to make sure that you’re comfortable with what we’re going to do, we need to be comfortable, everybody’s on the same page, and then it always makes it a lot easier that way. But you don’t have the confusing contracts that you would have with a realtor. It’s very simple. It states the price, how we’re going to close, when we’re going to close, and that’s about it. So very simple, very straight forward. And we can close fast if you need the money, seven to 10 days, usually, if there’s no title problems, if you need more time to get out of the house, we can sure give you more time too. We’re very flexible with you on what you need. Take what you need from the house, leave the rest. We’ll make sure that whatever’s left in the house gets to where it should go.

But the big thing is you can just get your check, take what you want, and leave. You don’t have to worry about dumpsters, you don’t have to worry about getting the lawn mowed and all that type of things. We will take the property as-is with no contingencies. So no repair costs, no closing costs, no realtor commission fees. Basically we decide on a cost, we’ll pay the closing costs, and you walk away with a check. Very simple. We are local. We’ve lived in the community all our lives. We know the real estate market here in Omaha and Council Bluffs. We’re very fortunate to have lived here our whole lives. We love it here and we don’t plan on going anywhere. So please, if you have any questions, you’re not even ready to sell your house yet but you want to know how it works, feel free to reach out to me and we’d love to help you answer any questions we could, and anything we can do for you to help you out in that area, we’d love to do it. So thank you very much. Hope you all have a great day, great week. God bless, take care. You can reach us at www.harterinvestments or 402-939-6556

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