Vital Tips to Answer the Question “How Can I Sell My Home Fast in Omaha, Nebraska?

Vital Tips to Answer the Question "How Can I Sell My Home Fast in Omaha, Nebraska?
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Vital Tips to Answer the Question “How Can I Sell My Home Fast in Omaha, Nebraska?

So you’re in a position where you need to sell your home quickly in Omaha. Are you avoiding foreclosure, facing divorce, moving, upside down on your mortgage, moving, liens, upside down on your mortgage, behind on your payments, downsizing, can’t sell or some other unfortunate situation and you just want to get the hassle of selling your home as fast as you can and get it over with as soon as possible. Whatever the reason, you need to sell your house fast in Omaha. You can’t, of course, just sit and hope the perfect buyer strolls up and makes you an unbelievable offer and your house sells fast in Omaha with little or no effort.. Hope and luck is not a strategy you can rely on and should not count on to sell your house in a timely manner. What can you do though? The following tips can help you to sell your house fast in Omaha, Nebraska.

Implement These Tips to Answer the Question “How Can I Sell My Home Fast in Omaha?”

Price It Right

This may seem painfully obvious, but it isn’t always so easy to know where the pricing sweet spot is. If you price too low, you’ll lose money and potential buyers may think something is wrong with the house. Price too high, and it may sit on the market a long time – and, again, buyers may then begin to think something is wrong.

Pricing is one area where it pays to use real estate professionals. They can run the comparables from the multiple listing services and help you find the right price. When researching the correct price to list your house at it is best to take the emotion out of your decision. You need to be looking at square feet, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage spaces, year built etc. Many people tend to overprice in order to be able to reduce the price during negotiations. It is a great assumption that everyone that is interested in your house that thinks it is priced to high will write a lower offer. Again, if it sits too long, both buyers and agents may overlook it as an old listing or even assume your house can’t pass inspections.

Improve the Curb Appeal

Without a doubt, first impressions are very important and matter immensely. The first thing potential buyers see when they pull up to your home is your homes yard and the home’s exterior. So if you’ve been wondering, “How can I sell my home fast in Omaha?” Investing money in landscaping, yard work and exterior improvements to assure  “wow factor” the buyer will experience as they drive up to your house is one of the best things you can do. It will not only speed up the sale of your house but will also help you get the price for the house that you are asking.

And you can make these repairs and improvements with little effort and it does not have to take a lot of money. A little raking, mowing, and landscaping, along with touching up paint, doing minor roof repairs, and dressing windows, will work wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Obviously, if you don’t have the time to do the landscaping and repairs needed yourself you can hire everything done. Either way, it is well worth your time and energy to decide what needs to be done in the yard and exterior of your home to improve the “first impression” of your house thereby leading to the optimal price you will receive for the sale of your house in Omaha, Nebraska.

Remove Your Personality Fingerprints

None of us wants to own something – but especially a home – that has another person’s personality stamped obviously all over it. For a quick sale, then, depersonalizing is important to sell your house fast in Omaha, Nebraska.

You could start by removing weird and idiosyncratic art and knick-knacks, taking down family photos, and painting over colors that probably won’t appeal to other people. It’s more than just decluttering – although that’s a big part of it, spending the money to rent a storage unit might be a good idea. The goal is to remove your personality fingerprints in order to neutralize your home to make it appear as a model home. Therefore removing the knick-knacks, family photos, extra clutter, etc. and storing them in a storage unit off the property makes a lot of sense and will make that exceptional “first impression” that we already talked about and help you sell your house fast in Omaha for the price you are asking.

What you’re trying to do is present your home to the potential buyer as a blank slate. It should seem to potential buyers as a place where they can envision their life dreams playing out. Presenting your house in a way that the family can imagine themselves spending time in the living room, eating as a family in the kitchen, playing together in the yard. The more you can have the potential buyer put themselves living in your house the better chance you have selling your house fast in Omaha to that family.

Offer Add-ons and Extras

It’s always a good idea to sweeten the deal with add-ons and extras. It’s the old principle of reciprocity at work. A buyer will be more inclined to give you what you want (your sale price) if they perceive that the are getting something from you.

When getting your house ready to sell you may want to add upgrades to your property that other houses do not have in your neighborhood. Making your house stand out with upgrades and other unique features that other houses don’t have in the area can again not only make a great “first impression” but get you the price you are asking and selling your house fast at the same time in Omaha.

You could also, for example, offer to pay a portion (or all) of the closing costs. That would be a pretty attractive offer for a buyer. Or you could offer a transferable home warranty to cover major appliances and HVAC systems. This would put the buyer’s mind at ease and likely speed up the deal. Today’s buyers are looking for properties that are move in ready. They are looking for unique upgrades that other houses don’t have in the neighborhood. If you can add one or two unique upgrades to your house that other houses do not have in your neighborhood you will drastically increase your chances of selling your house fast in Omaha, Nebraska.

These vital tips, then, are a good starting point if you’ve been asking this common question: “How can I sell my home fast in Omaha, Nebraska?” Still, though, there’s, even more, you can do to expedite the sale. If you have additional questions reach out to Harter Investments. We are a local house buying company in Omaha, Nebraska. We give you a fair all-cash offer, we can close in seven to ten days or on your terms.


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