7 Unexpected Costs When Selling Your House In Omaha

7 Unexpected Costs When Listing Your House in Omaha

If you are thinking about listing your house in Omaha, make sure you are prepared for these hidden and often unexpected costs! There are many additional costs to watch out for and ways to save your hard-earned money! Selling a house in Omaha can get extremely expensive quickly when you hire a local real estate … Continued

Comparing Your Selling Options

Comparing Your Selling Options in Omaha

Did you know there are multiple ways to sell your house in Omaha? Learn about your selling options in our latest post! Many people think that selling their house requires an agent’s help. They will find an agent, sign a listing agreement and wait. While this method of selling works great for some people, for … Continued


Selling Your House Without A Real Estate Agent In Omaha

Selling Your House Without Using a Real Estate Agent Last updated on July 17, 2018 So you want to sell your house without a real estate agent? You would like to sell your house fast in Omaha or the surrounding area without paying the costly 7% real estate commission and additional closing costs. You don’t want to … Continued

Selling Your House Directly Will Benefit You In Omaha

7 Ways Selling Your House Directly Will Benefit You in Omaha

Considering selling your house in Omaha fast? Selling your house in Omaha, Council Bluffs or Lincoln directly is an excellent way to go. In our latest post, we will discuss the many ways a direct sale can benefit you! Many people think that in order to successfully sell their home, they need to hire an … Continued


Selling A Distressed Property in Omaha

Selling a distressed property in Omaha can feel like a challenge. How much should you spend fixing it? What’s is it really worth? Properties like this aren’t usually found on the MLS and are often avoided by many agents. This is simply because there isn’t a high market for homes like this. An investor will … Continued


Advantages of Direct Home Buyers in Omaha

Selling a house in Omaha doesn’t always have to involve an agent, a listing on the MLS or months of waiting for an uncertain outcome. There are selling alternatives! In our latest post, we explain why more people are using direct home buyers like Harter Investments to sell their houses in Omaha, Nebraska! For many properties, … Continued